When it comes to worker safety, efficiency and production, nothing is faster than right now. 组织跨越各种能源部门-石油, gas, 石化, and mining - are currently juggling a mix of communications solution devices and are hindered by gaps in coverage, poor battery life and fragile equipment that cannot withstand harsh environmental conditions. The power of now puts instant communications at your workers’ fingertips - because when communication slows, 操作慢.


地上的工人需要和地下的工人沟通. 珍贵的矿物需要被送到合适的地方. Haul trucks, excavators, and loaders are operating at full force creating unwanted noise. 通过语音和数据即时连接人们, 应用程序和机器跨矿山更明智的决策. When you supercharge first in class voice communications from 十大电子游戏正规平台 Solutions with Internet of Things Intelligence, you can connect mining operations beyond everyday push-to-talk for even more optimized operations.

Oil & Gas

从石油钻井平台, 到海上平台, 在两者之间的任何地方, having mission-critical technology at the heart of oil and gas operations is a crucial first step towards increasing safety and operational efficiency. A digital oil rig augmented with Internet of Things intelligence helps drive better and faster decisions that can make all the difference. Efficient wireless voice and data communications help workers offshore and onshore securely reach out and be reached - so emergency calls can get to the right person immediately upon recognition of an issue, 不管是什么设备, 无论网络如何, 无论在哪里.

Providing workers with unified team communications from 十大电子游戏正规平台 Solutions extends the reach well beyond radio and cellular networks, 所以所有的设备和网络都可以成为同一对话的一部分. Then augment this unified communications solution with intelligence generated from the Internet of Things, 因此,机器数据现在也可以立即加入关键的工作组对话.

统一通信提高了工人的安全, efficiency and production for various types of energy companies today - but which solutions are right for your specific priorities and needs?

十大电子游戏正规平台 Solutions radios are designed for extreme reliability in challenging environments and deployed across the world for mission-critical communications.

使用任何网络和任何设备进行协作的新方法, 十大电子游戏正规平台 Solutions broadband PTT solutions help you stay fully focused on the task at hand.

为您的安全团队提供强大的技术和软件. Avigilon提供全方位的视频安全和访问控制解决方案.

在降低复杂性的同时提高安全性, 无线电和基础设施管理的时间和成本.



When you need direct voice and data communication between your work crews in the field at multiple job sites upgrade your older analog radios to a digital two-way radio network. 十大电子游戏正规平台数字收音机提供即时通讯, 与具有额外智力的特定团体或个人进行可靠的通信. 当不好的事情发生时,没有什么比一键对话更快的了.

十大电子游戏正规平台系统公司的MOTOTRBO是一个完整的端到端解决方案. MOTOTRBO’s extensive portfolio means you can custom-build your construction firm’s complete solution, 包括军用无线电, 基础设施, systems, 配件, 围绕您现在和未来的需求设计的应用程序和服务.

MOTOTRBO数字双向对讲机将您的工作人员与即时, 永远可用的通信, 无论他们去哪里. 紧急情况发生时, 从受伤的船员到工地上的设备故障, 双向无线电直接和即时地连接管理人员和工作人员. Your workforce in the field is no longer subject to cellular overcrowding during inclement weather or an emergency. 这是MOTOTRBO无线电相对于手机的几个关键优势之一.

MOTOTRBO将语音和数据无缝集成, 具有易于使用的增强功能, 包括集成蓝牙®4.0, wi - fi®集成, GPS定位跟踪, 短信, 符合IP标准和军用规格的耐用性, as well as Intelligent Audio that automatically adjusts volume to loud construction site environments.

当您在易燃易爆气体环境中工作时, 可能存在蒸汽或灰尘, you should consider communications equipment certified for use in a Hazardous 位置 – often called “HazLoc”.

MOTOTRBO™ Radios and batteries certified to TIA-4950 have been available since Q1 2015. 它们被清晰地贴上新的UL标志.



Make your job sites safer and more efficient by adding applications to customize your MOTOTRBO radio system. These applications provide advanced capabilities and functionality that are operable on both digital two-way radios and mobile devices to enhance your work crews’ operations.


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WAVE PTX™一键通服务
WAVE PTX™一键通服务 extends your radio’s reach to those who may not carry radios. Now the telecom engineer away from the refinery or the IT director at a conference can talk on their smartphones or tablets with radio users.

WAVE PTX连接智能手机, laptops, tablets, 固定电话和更多的公共或私人移动数据网络, 包括无线网络. 您将获得无缝和安全的连接, 负担得起的网络, 以及保留服务计划和设备的自由.

了解有关WAVE PTX™一键通服务的更多信息


Avigilon, 十大电子游戏正规平台解决方案公司, designs, 发展, 制造视频分析, 网络视频管理软硬件, 监控摄像头, 访问控制解决方案. Supercharging your utility operations and unified team communications with advanced HD video surveillance systems will help keep your processes streamlined and service levels high. That means electric utility companies can identify where power lines have been damaged in a storm and take swift action, 自来水公司可以主动监测城市供水的纯度, 核电站可以确保其周边比以往任何时候都更加安全. Make guesswork a thing of the past in your utility operations with trusted video intelligence solutions.

Monitoring processes for safety and compliance is crucial in day to day operations to ensure nothing is missed in mission critical areas of the plant. Avigilon H4 Pro Series cameras can cover large areas with excellent clarity to ensure all areas are covered with less cameras and cabling 基础设施, while video analytics can help detect critical events to avoid potential service interruptions.

监控数英里长的天然气管道, Avigilon H4 Edge Solution cameras can be easily deployed across the entire length of the pipelines with minimal connectivity and 基础设施 required. The H4-ES cameras use Avigilon’s patented video analytics to bring attention to potentially critical events and simplify the solution by encompassing all of the powerful video management tools locally to the camera’s onboard storage giving users maximum intelligence at the edge.